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49 Blog post ideas for your SME

So, you’ve decided to give blogging a go to help with organic SEO, grow your website traffic and improve the personal branding of your small to medium business? Or maybe, you’re just giving it a go because you’ve heard that it’s a good idea from some website guru 😉
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Whatever your reasons, congrats on taking the leap!

I was in the same position as you not too long ago, super excited to delve into blogging, but I felt stuck with where to start. So, I made a list by writing down blog post ideas whenever they came to mind and now I figured they might come in handy for you too. So here it is, our list of blog post ideas.

You can skip straight to specific categories by using the menu below:

Kick-start Your Blog - A few easy to start with posts that everyone has in them.

Promotional Posts - Some posts to get those sales incoming & increase brand loyalty.

Lifestyle Insights - These posts are more to do with you, the business owner and your thoughts.

Helpful Posts - Posts focused directly on providing value to your readers.

Your Business Spotlight - Posts that showcase different aspects of your business.

Filler Posts - Pots for when you dont know what to write about.

Miscellaneous - A small assortment of post ideas that I couldn't figure out a category for, kind of like a surprise-goodie bag.

Kick-start your blog

  1. Our/ My Story - A good one to start with, since you'll know the story of your business inside out. This can be done in a timeline list style or a more story-like format depending on which you find easiest to write in.

  2. About me / Our team - This shouldn't be too hard since you can use your existing content from your website About page as a starting point. If you're a one-man band then this could include some more personal snippets of information, if you're lucky enough to have a team you could include their photos and a paragraph bio.

  3. FAQs - Take your FAQs and expand on your answers, or include more questions than you currently have on your FAQs page.

  4. Behind the scenes - This could be; how it’s made, what your process looks like or what your workspace consists of. Something that your clients don't usually see.

  5. Case study – Write up a case study of your product/service and how it helped a customer. Or, if you’re a product-based business, perhaps you can showcase a product and highlight its benefits, or what to pair it with etc…

  6. Why you’re starting a blog - Depending on your industry, you might want to explain why you're starting a blog.

  7. Infographics – Create a post with infographics to convey complex information that would be interesting to your readers. In between the graphics, explain them in more detail. These kinds of posts are great because the infographics can be saved & easily re-shared by your readers. Which is handy for your readers and could potentially increase your site traffic if they re-share.

Tip - Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a design pro to create these kinds of posts, make use of free online tools such as Canva or Adobe Express


Promotional Posts

  1. Share a product or service update - Have you changed something about your service offering or perhaps you're working on a new product, share an update in a post.

  2. Spotlight a customer – Can you get in touch with a past customer or client and interview them about their experience and how they found your product/service?

  3. What sets you apart from your competitors? - Pick out your key differences and write a paragraph for each.

  4. How does your product compare to others? - Here you can write a feature by feature comparison. Tip - Make sure to include photos in this one if you're a product-based business!

  5. What the process looks like - This can be detailing your client’s journey when hiring you, or, if you sell products, you could highlight the craftsmanship that goes into a specific piece as a way to show the value of your work.

  6. Create a video post – This can be on how to use your product, a walkthrough of your space or a video of you chatting about your services.

  7. Common problems - List common problems your customers face and how you or your products/services solve them.

  8. Promote a freebie – Create a lead magnet, it can be an informational PDF, webinar, cheat sheet, product giveaway etc… Whatever you decide on using for your lead magnet, promote it in your blog post. Be sure to include that “download here” button connected to an e-mail submission to catch all those leads.

Tip - Not sure what to include in your lead magnet, check out our blog on this here.


Lifestyle Insights

  1. Your reading list – List some books that helped you set up your business, books that people interested in your product may benefit from, or, books your target customer may read.

  2. A day in the life – People always like to find out more about the person behind a brand, why not do a day in the life to satisfy your customer's nosiness?

  3. Your organization tips - You run a business, surely you have some organisation tips?

  4. Workspace walkaround – Talk about your workspace, its features (if people can visit you there?) and why it works for you.

  5. Hobbies – You know, the things you learnt how to say in a foreign language at school, do you have any? If so, it may be nice to share them, you may find you have something in common with your customers.

  6. Do you have a cause close to your heart? – Write your story behind the cause and give them a shout-out to raise awareness for their good-doing, you may be able to help them by drumming up some new donors through your blog.

  7. Life update – Are you moving house, renovating, expecting a baby, or dealing with loss? All of those things will affect you, and your business. If you feel comfortable sharing it may be worth posting about it to let your customers know that they can expect a bit of downtime from you. This way it eases your stress with expectations from customers/clients and it re-enforces the human side of your business.

  8. Past jobs - Most of us have had numerous jobs or other businesses before we started our current business. Perhaps you could list something you learnt from each job, or share some funny anecdotes from them.


Helpful Posts

  1. No.1 Resource - Most of us will have at least one app that we can't live without, if not a few. Share this app or resource with your readers and show them how you get the most out of it. Or, compile a list with a selection of your favourites.

  2. The process of... - Explain a process related to your industry in a step-by-step post.

  3. Biggest blunders - Write a "what not to do" post. How better to provide value than by helping your readers avoid mistakes. You could even share some that you've made yourself.

  4. Event notes - Write a debrief of an event you recently attended.

  5. Create a poll - to get feedback on what content they like most. You can then use this to decide on future posts. Tip - Learn how to create a poll on your Wix blog here

  6. Interview an expert – Depending on your industry offering an interview with an expert could provide great value for your readers as it offers insight that they may otherwise not have been able to access.

  7. “Hey, Google” – Think about something you’ve Googled and use that as a post title and share what you learnt from that search.


Your Business Spotlight

  1. Key Lessons - Share the most important lessons you’ve learned as a small business owner. This provides a bit of helpful info to readers as well as showing your expertise in the field.

  2. How you’ve grown – If you’re an established business or if you are relatively new you’ve surely come a long way since your business idea first sprouted. After all, you’re in the blogging stage!

  3. Product focus - If you’ve got a product write a post explaining how customers should use it to get the most out of it.

  4. Event notice - Make sure your readers know if you're going to be at any in-person or online events. Promote webinars, events you’re talking at or markets you’re selling at. Make sure to include specifics such as; links to ticket sites, time & date, location and how to get there.

  5. Spotlight key members of staff - As long as your staff are up for it, then you could create a monthly staff spotlight. Use this post to highlight their individual skills & strengths, but make sure to include some non-business elements in there too so that potential clients can get a feel for their personality.

  6. The family behind the business – If you’re a small to medium-sized business chances are your family sometimes gets involved with the running of the business, you could show your family business moments from time to time, bringing in that human dimension to your business…

  7. Company News – Is something changing in your business; new products, moving premises, pivoting your direction? Whatever the update, inform your readers about it.


Filler Posts

  1. Most popular posts - Compile your most viewed posts on your site and link them all in one blog post.

  2. Useful posts - Compile a list of useful and relevant posts on other related blogs.

  3. Invite your readers to submit a guest post about a topic related to your business or product

  4. Run a contest or host a giveaway - Everyone loves something for free! Let your readers know you're giving them the chance to get your product or service for free, or at a discounted price.

  5. Roundup the year – discuss your highlights, key things that happened and what your plans are for the next year.

  6. Social media – Write about where your readers can find you on social media and invite them to connect with you there.

  7. Reports/publishing about your product or business – Has someone featured your business in an article, top 10 of something or similar? Don’t keep it quiet, let everyone know about it in a blog post, and make sure to link to the original post.

Tip - If the publication was only in print and you’d like to share a scan of the page, be sure to get permission from the publication first. Some publishers don’t allow you to do that and you could even get fined for doing so!


Miscellaneous Posts

  1. Industry trends – as a business owner in your industry, you have some insight into the trends going on in it. Some of your readers may find that useful information.

  2. Before & After – Feature a before and after, depending on your industry this could be many things if you’re a personal trainer this could be a client success story with progress pics, or it could be more general, like your workspace when you started out vs now. The possibilities are numerous, and everyone loves a good before & after!

  3. Lists or Rankings – Lists are great because they’re easy to write and are great for readers to print off or screenshot. Rankings take a little more effort but can be useful for your readers and providing valuable content is always better for post-performance.

  4. Mythbuster – debunk a common myth or misconception about your industry.

  5. Link an unrelated topic – Keep your readers engaged by posting about a niche topic but link it somehow to your industry/products. Say you have a favourite tv show you could pick a character from the show and talk about how they would benefit from your product/ service. There are lots of ways to do this, you just gotta get creative!

That’s all for now, as I add to this list I’ll most likely update this one with more ideas. But until then, I hope you managed to pick out a few ideas to help you out on your blogging journey! If you want to keep updated when we post new tips or info aimed to help your SME grow, please sign up for our newsletter below. Or, if you're just gathering notes and are planning on coming back to your blog later save this post to your Pinterest board by clicking the image here!

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