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Should I start a blog for my small business?

Why should you have a blog for your business? I hear you ask. Well, because of the countless benefits it will have to you, your brand, your sales, and your community, of course!

News flash: Blogs are still in!

Although they may seem like a laborious extra chore to add to your to-do list, the benefits blogging can bring to your business is off the scale.

Okay “off the scale” might be a bit of an exaggeration, but what other free tool can bring your community together, showcase your brand, and boost your sales?


💌 The story of how blogging can help you all starts with Google…

Google LOVES blogs.

Blogging enriches your ranking on google. Using keywords about your business and its products makes your business's website appear higher on Google’s results page.

Google will pick up the keywords used in your blogs and calculates that your business is relevant to an individual’s search in the search bar. It’s all just SEO.

Google = Traffic

😁 So, thanks to your blog, your business's SEO is looking mighty fine. But, what does this mean? Well, traffic.

You’re higher on the ranking so, as you know, that means more clicks to your site. According to a study, you’re actually likely to get 55% more traffic than you were before you started blogging.

Creating blogs that open the breadth of your business, creates a wider audience. This is known as inbound marketing.

Whether the visitor of your blog post buys something from your website or not, your business has been noticed. They could very well keep you in mind for future purposes or recommend your website to a friend.

For example, if your business is selling personalised cakes and they’ve read a blog on your site about the best ways to display cakes, they might remember you when an occasion or need for a personalised cake comes up in the future. Your blog is therefore also driving conversions.

Traffic = Customers

🛍️ The more visitors, the more sales, right?

That’s great and all, but what’s even better is that your brand loyalty is also likely to increase.

Here’s why:

You know your business better than anyone else. You had the vision and motivation to start it, see it grow, and see how your products can help others. Your blogs will capture this, explicitly or not.

Customers will begin to recognise your brand for more than just the product they like to buy. A blog gives you the opportunity to showcase your story, and as cringe as that might sound, it will increase your customer loyalty.

The relationships you can then build with your customers are limitless. They will engage with your social media posts, sign up for newsletters, and most probably try your other products, and recommend your SME to a friend.

Your blogs also differentiate your business from your competitors. Blogs will show your unique voice, ethos, and brand visions. Your customers will see that, it may resonate with them, inspiring them to become repeat customers.


So, Marketing or Community?

Whether you embark on your blogging journey for the purpose of marketing or growing your community, you will see positive results for both.

Blogs for your business will equally see an increase in traffic and engagement. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you do want to take the opportunity to market your products with a blog, you can directly link items from your store. This lowers the clicks needed by a customer to get the product directly into their basket -- GOALS! It’s even more of a win for customers who land on your blog post first as it removes their need to browse your store in order to become a customer!

Where to start

So now you’re sold on the whole ‘blogging thing’, you’ll want to know where to start.

If you use Wix, you can easily add a blog by choosing it from the left-hand menu. For more information on how to do that view this handy tutorial from Wix here.

Then start by scoping some blog ideas around your business and its products. These can be; How to’s, a history of the business, seasonal content, or tips and hacks. View our post with 49 Blog post ideas for your SME if you’re in need of some inspiration.

Create a catchy title and post as regularly as you can.

If you don’t feel like giving all your advice away for free in a blog post, you can make it a passive income opportunity. Say you have a super specialised subject, Wix offers the functionality of monetizing your blog, in essence putting a paywall on specific content that readers can pay to view.

View a tutorial on how to do this here.

We might be able to help

‘Might’ is just us being modest: We are experts in using and creating Wix sites that will showcase

your business both visually and contextually.

You can book a power-hour call with us to brainstorm anything Wix, business development or branding related, which can also include things like helping you put together a list of potential blog ideas and their individual CTA’s & keywords. We can’t write your posts with you, but this will give you a sure start!

If you’re struggling to find the time, we can install a blog on your site that is not only in keeping with your branding but also shows recent and suggested posts to your customers for a smooth experience. We all know that the Wix editor can be a tad annoying – we are used to it and know the workarounds to get this up and running swiftly for you.

As part of our monthly care packages, we can also upload your monthly blog posts and notify your readers via a newsletter. View our monthly care plans.

Or, if you think your website or shop needs a facelift or a user experience overhaul ahead of your new customers flooding in from your blog posts, we can create the perfect site to WOW them.

Get in touch today:

☎️ +44 77 6232 1043

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