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ID&EA, helping you and your independent business grow

We are proud to have 100% Five Star reviews on Wix 


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Let's work together

Supporting ethical,
eco-friendly and artisanal businesses on their journey.

We're not your average graphic & web design agency – we're your partners in success!

Whether you're a budding start-up or a seasoned business owner ID&EA can help you. 

Leveraging our SME insights, we offer friendly guidance and practical strategies to fuel your business growth and surpass your aspirations!

How we can support you:


Natalia was enthusiastic about my business and showed a good understanding of my client base, and what she didn't know she asked about which is a great quality! She was great at suggesting changes based on her knowledge of SEO or customer experience and gave me clear instructions for the bits that I needed to do. It really felt like teamwork!

- Christy Lewis-Phillips

The Massage Hut

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There’s no point keeping our routes to success a secret, we want to help you do the same, that’s why we also post ‘how-to’ blogs so you can crush your own business goals too!

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