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Hi! I’m Natalia

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With a passion for small businesses and supporting start-ups, ID&EA delivers on the ambition of helping small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) grow. We do this by helping you develop strategy plans, create branding kits, and build your dream website.

and we are International Design & Enterprise Agency . . . ID&EA for short as it is easier to remember and much less of a mouthful.

Our goal to support and help small businesses flourish is at the focal point of everything we do at ID&EA -- it’s why I founded the business in 2016. My desire to support small businesses is probably subconscious from my upbringing, I grew up watching almost all of my family members work hard to succeed in their own small businesses. Despite sounding like a cliché, I have had entrepreneurial ambitions from the fine young age of five -  Don’t believe me? Read our blog on ‘Get to know our Founder’.


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Why ID&EA?

Beyond design, we specialise in the inner workings of a business and can support you with brand marketing, sales strategies, and all things customer-facing. You’ll be working with someone you can trust, from our 7 years in the business we are well equipped to take you and your business to the next level.

When it comes to our websites, your customers are our priority. We work with you to create a seamless customer experience that is hassle-free for them and you! What you and they need will underpin every design decision we make, which is why we not so modestly think that our client's brands and their websites are so amazing: from online to in-person your customers will recognise your unique brand.


Natalia was enthusiastic about my business and showed a good understanding of my client base, and what she didn't know she asked about which is a great quality! She never seemed rushed but she got lots done between our conversations, was great at suggesting changes based on her knowledge of SEO or customer experience, and gave me clear instructions for the bits that I needed to do. It really felt like teamwork. I will definitely be using ID&EA again and will very happily recommend her to others. Thanks ID&EA!


- Christy Lewis-Phillips

The Massage Hut

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As you will soon discover, variety is the ~ spice ~ of our lives. We love working with a diverse range of people on their exciting new ideas and ambitions. And, our good marketing and slick website designs have no geographical boundaries. No matter where you live, our skills are transferable to whoever and wherever you are. We work virtually with businesses and their lovely owners all over the globe.  It keeps every day fresh and exhilarating.


Proud to have helped business owners in nineteen different countries to date. 

Who is behind ID&EA?

When we’re not helping you reach your business goals, we try to get away from our screens.



Natalia would love to spend all of her free time travelling to new and inspiring places. When she’s not travelling, Natalia can often be found enjoying a picnic lunch with her two doggies Fergus & Daphne or doing DIY craft projects.

Ryan spends his free time enjoying some escapism. He loves being in nature, particularly when stargazing, and drawing otherworldly creations. When he’s not working with us he’s working on his client's exciting projects at RJL Art.

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Fergus & Daphne

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Ferg & Daph are generally happy doing anything, they regularly provide in-office support and occasionally appear on video calls. When they're not at "work" they enjoy napping, adventuring, exploring the wilderness and being good doggies earning all the treats.

We all have worked on our own small businesses, so we know first-hand what it takes to make a business flourish. We want to use our expertise to guide you by helping your business grow too

Our Team
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