About Us


Welcome to ID&EA - My name is Natalia and I'm thrilled you're here!

My name's Natalia and here's a bit about how ID&EA began and how we can help you. I grew up with business from an early age, both of my parents had their own business' as did my grandparents and some extended family, so naturally, I knew I'd have my own someday. I started my first venture at the age of 7 - selling handmade bracelets & accessories out of Scooby Strings to classmates who didn't want to or couldn't make their own. At 16, I started a handmade & upcycled business regularly attending craft fairs and even made my first "professional" website. Then education got busy, and I went off to college & university to study design further.

In 2014 I landed my first serious job as an in house graphic designer for an extensive portfolio of brands in the cafe, diner and hospitality industry. While I was there, I climbed up the ladder and became a senior designer and along the way, learnt everything there is to know about design for print, it also re-kindled my love for business. Working very closely with; company re-brands, product launches and new cafe openings on the regular made me yearn for something a bit more than just graphic design. So, I decided to spread my wings and start ID&EA! 

Now, I work directly with business owners like you to help create brands and websites that perfectly represent you or your product. I will not only design you a killer website; I'll help you define precisely what it is and how your business provides value. If you're entirely new to the world of business, I can help you set out a plan and work with you to develop your dream brand. Or, if you're well versed in business but need a re-fresh or are pivoting into another direction, I'm well equipped to help you with that too!