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How to use your Wix store to sell your products for the holidays

Don’t be deceived, Christmas is coming! Yes yes, we do know that it’s only September, but a bit of forward planning and being prepared is what makes a small business successful.

The last-minute rush to get things uploaded or updated is not the one, especially in what is most likely the busiest time of year for you and your business. Oh, the joys of being a small business owner.

Trust us… leaving things for the future you to worry about is really just self-sabotage in disguise.

So, it’s time to embrace that summer recharge from the solar injection we’ve just had, use the spark of joy from having a peaceful house between 9 - 3 o’clock again, and harness this positivity to be proactive with your website.

A website is a business owner’s best tool.

A website makes your business accessible to anyone anywhere and it’s open at all hours. Use Wix well, and you can take full advantage of its potential.

Here are the 5 things that you can use on your Wix site to prepare your online store before the


E-gift cards

Not only are these perfect for the last minute gift buyer, but they are great items to sell at your Wix store. Here’s why:


E-gift cards on Wix are easy for you to add and for your customers to personalise.

You can integrate them into your Wix Store by going to your dashboard and clicking the gift cards tab, once set up all your buyer has to do is fill in their message.


They don’t just have to be for Christmas, the E-gift cards can be selected for any date in the future, to arrive in the recipient's inbox.

Don’t lie, we all love a bit of minimal effort.


The best bit: you get to pick the prices of each gift card.

You’ll know the average price of your products which is great when selecting a minimum bracket.

The personalised E gift cards are, once you’ve set them up, automated. It’s one easy product that you don’t have to personally ship out. It’s the only time to celebrate giving only 1% effort.

Gift Wrap & Note options

If you don’t offer this already, we think it’s time you start doing it.

Even if you don’t want to get your Elf-like wrapping skills on, it’s at least worth adding the option of a personalised gift note.

Personalisation features sell well because it makes the product more relevant and unique.

According to Google trends, the amount of searches for personalised gifts has tripled between 2005 and 2015. Since the pandemic the number of searches increased by more than 40%, says Truly Experiences.

The addition of a personalised gift note can help increase your sales, especially when Wix makes it easy for them to add. When your customers are at your checkout, they can simply press ‘Add a Note’ (which if you want, you can change the link text to something like; ‘Add a gift note’) and voila!

Grow your email list

This is the ideal time to take advantage of the increased traffic you’re getting this season.

You can create ways to gain those email subscribers with:

Subscriber Box

A subscriber box can be a fixed widget on any page.

Footer Note

Embed a footer note so that if your viewers or readers are looking for more, they can sign up easily.

Pop Up

A pop-up grabs the attention of your visitor instantly.


Not only do they offer your customers a closer connection with your brand, but it’s an opportunity to show them behind the scenes, keep them in the loop and give your loyal customers benefits.

We do recommend writing up a few newsletters ahead of time, just so that they aren’t a last-minute rush either. It’s a running theme: Planning ahead is key.


You can also enhance any of the above methods to include incentives. Free shipping or 10% off their order when they subscribe to your email list are very popular ways to do this.

Shipping & Returns Policy

Your policies should be kept up to date, and now is a great time for you to renew and introduce any changes.

Did you know that 68% of customers look at the returns policy before making a purchase? -UPS

If 68% of your customers want to know your policy, then it should be easy for them to find and understand. Ultimately you want your policies to fill them with confidence in the unfortunate event they have to make a return, and that their purchase will arrive in time for the holidays. See it as your little promise to them.

You might also want to think about extending your shipping lengths due to postal delays and the returns grace period during the holiday season too.

If you’re a small biz in the UK, make sure you include a note about import fees in your post-Brexit universe. If you’re not sure what to include, read this.


These are just our key tips for your winter season prep on Wix, there will be more out there, but from our 6 years in the small-biz world, we’ve found that these are the most effective.

You can do these yourself, but if you’re a bit apprehensive (we all know how temperamental the Wix editor can be), or running out of time because you’re tied up with your other pre-season prep, we can help.

Browse our Winter Wix Features Menu to view our prices and offerings. Everything on the "Menu" is guaranteed to be done before Christmas if you get your order in before the end of September. If you're late to this blog, still get in touch and we'll let you know what's possible!

Just hit the button below to view prices and we can begin getting you ahead of the game.

ID&EA's Winter Wix Menu
Download PDF • 496KB

We can also help with your holiday designs for print, such as posters or festive notecards. Email us today;

If your website or shop needs more than a few additional features, like a facelift or a user experience overhaul, it’s not too late to get in touch with us. We can still work some of our magic before Christmas.

Thanks for reading, we hope you found a feature that'll work for your site and if you'd like to be notified when our next blog goes out please sign up below!



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