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What a typical process looks like

You’ve probably stumbled across this blog looking for more detail on how exactly ID&EA can help you.

Understandably, you want to know precisely what you will be investing in and how it will help your business, so let’s show you step by step:
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Step one: Free discovery call

This call is a really good chance to get chatting, and most importantly decide if we are the right fit for one another. There are no obligations: it’s an hour-long phone call to chat about your business and your intentions for its growth.

We love this opportunity to hear about your SME or start-up business, hearing your goals and your business's history is always remarkably inspiring. And, it is a great moment of realisation for us when we conclude that we can help you on your journey.

During this call, we can also talk you through our packages and other services to help you determine which will be best for your business.

Step 2: Proposal

After the phone call, we will send you a formal proposal and a quote.

This will take you through a rough proposal of what we will offer and how we envisage the process. It will include some estimated time scales on the length of time it will take us to complete, depending on the scope of the work.

At this stage, we can also have another phone call to answer any specific questions you might have.

Step 3: Contract

If you decide to go ahead with ID&EA, we will send you a contract.

This will confirm any changes to the proposal and detail precise deadlines.

In the contract we ask you, once you’ve signed it, to send over a 50% down payment as a deposit.

Step 4: Invited

Welcome aboard.
Female web designer in front of screen

We can’t wait to get started with you!

At ID&EA, we love collaborating with our clients, we think it’s important that you come along for the journey. That’s why we invite you to our online project management software (Asana).

During this step, we conduct what we call our ‘discovery and research phase’.

This entails filling in any gaps and elaborating on details that we haven’t yet covered. Then, we work out each job that needs to be done to reach this target and at that point create a detailed timeline. The timeline illustrates all of the jobs and highlights when milestones will be reached.

We then will schedule a strategy call with you to go over the content and highlight any information or images etc that perhaps might be missing, and confirm the key dates. Ensuring we’re both on the same page, we make sure everything is planned out.

Step 5: Action

In the online project management software, we list all the projects that we have agreed upon with their individual deadlines, and we list details on each one. Once the projects are all set up and organised into which order they are taking place and in which month, we begin.

Each project will vary with each client depending on their specific needs and the package in which they have selected. We can work with you on; brand development, marketing and sales plan, and a website. Or, if you have opted for one of our standalone services, we will proceed with this.

Before we start on a project, we need all of the content as this helps us design the space accordingly. This will be set as a task for you to complete in our project management system. We will send you the designs for each page, and once you approve, you’ll get a link to the exciting bit; the live site!

Step 6: Completion
Projects can take from 21 days to 3 months depending on the project.

At this point, you will have seen the process along the way as you would have also worked collaboratively on it and been able to view the live site. Before launch, we add all of your social media links and do some site testing and add in SEO. And then for double-checking purposes (because we are human and can’t always be perfect), we ask you to have another look at the site to check you can’t see any issues, and that you are 100% happy.

After launch day, we will still be there for you.

For 30 days after completion, we offer support. For most of our clients, this often is a repeated tutorial on how to use features or update items on your new website or just quick questions. We also give you the option to have a free client training one-hour video call to discuss anything you would like to go over.

Step 7: Reviews

As we’re sure you sometimes do too, we prefer this to payment (although please do still pay us!). We love hearing about how we have helped you and your business, so if you get a moment, we would love to have some feedback on how you found the process.


This doesn’t have to be goodbye...

We also offer monthly care packages to keep your sites up to date and looked after.




  • Monthly backups

  • Traffic Report

  • Page layout touch-ups

  • Monthly backups

  • Traffic Report

  • Page layout touch-ups

  • 1 blog or newsletter

  • Basic content changes or updates

  • ​Monthly backups

  • Traffic Report

  • Page layout touch-ups

  • 2 blogs or newsletters

  • Basic content changes or updates

Unscheduled work begins within 3 working days

Unscheduled work begins within 1 working day

Email Support

Email & Phone Support

Whichever package you choose, you will again be able to use our project management software to confirm updates and communicate with us. Like any other package, we can also have regular calls or meetings or email communications.

Please note, that the content for the blogs or newsletters needs to be planned a month in advance. This is because we like to prepare all content with the time it deserves and get it scheduled 14 days before it is due to go live. Any unscheduled website edits or maintance are carried out between 1 - 3 working days depending on chosen plan.

We do a one-month no obligation period so that you can see how beneficial (we hope!) it is to your business, and then following that it will be a six-month or twelve-month contract. Packages are always available for upgrades if you find yourself needing more support than you first thought—we’d be more than happy to change the contract in this instance.

Or if you want to have a bit of a break from ID&EA, we offer website refresh services.

There are many ways in which we can support your business in the future.

Where do I sign up?

Let’s start with our free 40min call and watch as your business grows.

If you don’t want to sign up just yet, you’re more than welcome to sign up for our newsletter below which has useful monthly trade tips, motivational stories, freebies, and even offers on my packages.

We can’t wait to hear from you soon!




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